Course Detail EMR 0056
Wilderness Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital
End Date 09/21/2018 
Other Info  
Course Notes Level(s): 3,4

Level Description: Is this elective open to: OPEN TO ALL VISITING STUDENTS

Week(s): 2

Days of Week: Monday to Friday, Sept 10-21, 2018

Time: TBD

Number of Students per rotation: 6-16

Location (Hospital Site/Department/Building/Room/Etc.): Mount Sinai Hospital / Department of Emergency Medicine

Course Director/Coordinator:

Adam Hill, MD


Course Instructor:

Jamie Edelstein, MD



This is a 2-week full-time elective that combines web-based independent education with in-field hands-on training and practice of wilderness medicine topics. During the first week (Monday to Friday), students will have self-directed learning requiring them to watch on-line videos, read articles, and complete daily quizzes. This will be supplemented by 3 in-person educational sessions during the week. Additionally, students will choose a topic to research and present during the trek to their fellow students. The second week (Saturday to Friday) will be in-field education located in the Delaware Water Gap involving camping and backpacking along the Appalachian Trail. Faculty and residents from the Mount Sinai system will lead small group discussions and practical scenarios. The students are expected to actively participate in all portions of the course and are required to pass a final test at the culmination of the 2 weeks.

***Students will be required to fill out an application to participate in the course. Once registration is complete, the course director will contact you and provide the application. Additionally, there is a participation fee of approximately $350 to cover food, supplies, transportation, camping fees, etc. Students are also required to purchase their own travel insurance prior to the trip (generally a $21-42 expense).Students need be aware that they will be hiking moderate terrain, sleeping in tents, cooking, treating water, and backpacking with a heavy load.


The goal of this elective is to utilize web-based learning to create a solid foundation in the fundamentals of wilderness medicine, including altitude medicine, trauma, tropical/travel medicine, and improvised care. That foundation will be expanded on immensely during the in-field portion as we hike the Appalachian Trail and hone our skills. Students will be taken out of their comfort zone, but will come away with a deeper knowledge of medical care in limited resource environments as well as how to be safe and responsible outdoor enthusiasts.

Location Mount Sinai Hospital 
Seats Offered 16 
Course Credit